Peter van Oostzanen was born in the Netherlands in 1962.
As a self-taught artist he began showing his artwork to the public after the turn of the century. Very soon galleries and art collectors became interested in his work, and now more and more people appreciate and admire his art. Nowadays van Oostzanen’s work is bought and collected by individuals as well as companies in several European countries and the United States.


Looking at Peter van Oostzanen’s paintings and drawings evokes the sensation of seeing a different world in which the laws of nature do not apply. Objects have unusual functions and human beings behave differently than in everyday life. By depicting impossible situations and objects van Oostzanen cunningly toys with reality. With a fair amount of humour, he places recognizable themes in an entire new context, and the imaginary world that is thus created is on the one hand familiar, because of the ordinary objects and creatures in it, but on the other hand strange and impossible, since these objects and creatures have unusual qualities and functions.
With his delicate touch of the brush the artist depicts humans, animals and objects in a very realistic and precise way.
At first sight, Peter van Oostzanen seems to belong to the surrealistic movement, of which Salvador Dali was the most prominent representative. Dali has had a considerable influence on van Oostzanen, who is also inspired by magic realist painters like Carel Willink and Pyke Koch.
Although it is hard to classify van Oostzanen’s style under the usual, imagination-based realistic art styles, such as surrealism, magic realism or meta-realism. Van Oostzanen prefers to name his style ‘Magic realism’. Based on an unlimited imagination, imaginary realism is restricted by neither ideology nor religion. It uses cultural and natural elements, and is expressed and visualized in a realistic way.


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